What do you do in Alaska when you get off work early on a Friday and need to me back to work by Tuesday morn… and oh yeah, you have to fly up (and back) from the “lower 48″… all within that time frame?

You have fun!

Hatcher Pass Lodge

I had urgent maintenance which needed to be accomplished and could not recruit anyone to do it for me, so I used a long weekend to get ‘er done. The plan was actually quite simple. Fly up, arrive at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport at about 6pm. Rent a car. Drive to cabin. Stop at grocery store. Begin work at 8pm, while tag-along daughter prepares pizza for dinner. Done by 10pm. Sleep. Have fun for 2 days. Head back home.

Mat-Su valley in October

Well, like all plans, plan A is never quite sufficient. My maintenance took significantly longer than expected. Argh! You’ve got to love it when a replacement is not the same as the original. Dinner was great, thank you my lovely older daughter, then back to work.

By the time I had finished the work and my daughter had cleaned up from dinner and made the beds for us it was discovered that several items were missing from the cabin. It was one of those, “I can’t seem to find…” that eventually led to “hey I think we’ve been robbed.”

OK, on to plan B. Makes notes of all missing items. Find out where the Wasilla police station is located. Talk to officer. Wait for officers to make on site visit.

“Looks like your doors been tampered with”
“Sure does”
“Anything you can do?”
“Not really”

OK, now plan B1 – shop to replace missing items.
Plan B2 – investigate better security options.
Plan B3 – install better security.

I'll call this Hatcher Pass creek, for lack of another name



Finally all is said and done. How much time is left. Let’s see, it’s 3pm and we need to head to Anchorage by 9pm, after stopping to say good-bye to family who expected to see something of us.

SO what to do with slightly over 2 hours of “free” time? We took a little journey up to Hatcher Pass.  Always a favorite.

Here you go.  A getaway during the busy getaway.

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Written by Dave on October 22nd, 2007 - Recollections

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