A test.

 Question: What do you do when you’ve just found an exciting new pastime, you’ve got 2 families in a motor home, you’re en route to Seward and want to break up the 5 hour drive with some excursions?

 Answer: You take your motor home offroading!

 We had just introduced geocaching to our extended family and we were all hooked.  Nothing beats geocaching in Alaska!  In the remote areas, and some not so remote, you’re not just looking for the cache.  You’re keeping you eyes and ears open for signs of moose or bear.  And you encourage the little ones to make a lot of noise…

 Now the Alaskan state bird, immortalized in this photo, is another story.  As we headed only ¼ mile down a trail to a cache just off the highway the critters were swarming so thick neither man nor beast could penetrate.  Soon 8 reasonably rational human beings were running and screaming for all they were worth back to the safety of the motor home.  A bear would have caused much less commotion.  Armed with OFF! “special Alaskan formula” two of our intrepid party made a second journey to retrieve the cache.

 The next cache stop some 40 or 50 miles down the road yielded very few brave souls.   We were less than excited about meeting the siblings of our previous foe.  We were beaten.  Then a brilliant idea!

 The trail in this case was wide enough for an all terrain vehicle, why not a motor home?  Potholes and ruts aside the width was certainly accommodating.  Let’s do it!  We made the trek about ¼ mile while every cabinet spilled its contents onto the occupants who were in a state of forced animation.  The scene was not unlike the inside of your typical dryer.

 Did we care?  No not really.  I don’t think anyone really noticed because we were all belly laughing more than should be allowed in one day.

 Don’t try this at home.

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Written by Dave on June 27th, 2004 - Adventures

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