Not many can say they’ve been to the North Pole.  Well, it was exactly THE north pole but it was North Pole.

Let me begin by saying that our cabin has a southerly view of the sky.  A 10 minute walk around the “block” takes you to the southern shores of Big Lake.  On many summer days you will find a breathtaking view of Denali (Mt. McKinley, the highest point in North America) from this same shore.

My mind begins to wander – what is past this majestic mountain?  Knowing that Fairbanks is only 300 miles up the highway the family jumps into the car off to see the wonders up north.

Santa at North Pole, Alaska

 So what does Santa and the elves do all summer?
Prepare for Christmas, that’s what! 

Not Rudolf, then who?

There are shops to tend, gifts to make and reindeer to fatten up for the coming trek.  North Pole, Alaska is just a few miles outside Fairbanks and rounds out the Alaskan interior tour. 

North Pole village


Don’t forget to see what the elves have already placed on the shelves for the one-of-a-kind Christmas gifts!
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Written by Dave on August 11th, 2005 - Places

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