Opening day of Salmon season in Alaska in a boat in the Susitna drainage basin is quite an adventure. 

...setting out

We put in at Deshka Landing near Willow, Alaska and the boatful of us headed up river to the prime spots.

No sooner had we arrived when it seems we brought the entire state of Alaska with us. You’ll note in the picture those other boats look fairly far away. Don’t be fooled, by mid-afternoon the real question was whether any salmon could ever migrate this guantlet.

Just see if a salmon can make it up river

It become a challenge to prevent from casting over the boat next to you.  Especially as the sea planes were landing in the river during the day.   Just see if a salmon can make it up river. 

This was definately a unique experience.  3-day fishing license and salmon tags in hand was too much for any of those rascally fish. It seems they successfully avoided the boatload of us for the entire day.

Alas, not all was lost. We stopped on shore for some eats and did a bit of exploring and sun-bathing.  You’ve got to love 20 hours of sunshine!  As with all things Alaska everything is an adventure that you just can’t wait to experience again!

Lunch time!

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Written by Dave on June 18th, 2004 - Adventures

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