Moving day is exciting!  All things are new.  It’s an adventure.

I’ll spend a few minutes telling you highlights of our journey which began 7 years ago (this is a backdated post which was written with the advent of our revised web site on October 31, 2011).

It all began with a visit-the-family vacation and ended with a beautiful home-away-from-home. 

We decided to visit family in Alaska during the summer of 2004.  Our Alaskan itinerary included two weeks with various relatives, BBQ’s, picnics, etc.  The standard fare. 

Three days before we were to fly home I get this wild idea. 

What if?  What if we purchased a small home in Alaska?  Might we find a way to visit more often?  This frontier country and its people are unique, self-sufficient, yet interconnected and friendly.  Everyone has a story to tell and it seems in Alaska the story is one of exploring the boundraries and experiencing something different – a different way of thinking, of looking at life.  And what if, being common folk like all of you, we could find a way to help you enjoy Alaska while you help us to maintain a home away from home?

Back to the end of our vacation…  In 3 short days we laid out our requirements, we viewed several properties and then came upon this dream cabin.  We knew it was meant to be.  Financing was arranged.  Offers were made.  Plans were laid out.  And then the 3 days were up and we’re on a plane to the “lower 48.”  In Alaska anything is possible.

Sixty days later, we close.  What could be better.  Now we get to make a second trip!  This one, however, is a whirlwind tour with a purpose.  We have eight days to completely furnish a cabin, make it ready for a rental, figure out how to handle keys and survive the Alaskan winter and a myriad of other tasks.

The home page features the cabin in it’s furnished state.  There was a moving day.  Nothing is as fun as using a budget to funish a place from scratch.  We had to consider style, limited space and accomdating the varied but often “dirty” Alaskan seasons – mud, snow, dust & rain.  Warm days, downright cold days.

There were beds to buy, chairs, tables, linens, pictures, pillows, area rugs, sofa, patio furniture, BBQ, kitchen appliances & utensils.  TV’s, washer/dryer.  We were starting from scratch.  We had to figure out how to make it as comfortable for our guests as possible while maintaining our permenant residence out of state – at least for now 😉

This became a family project.  Beds to make…



A bathroom to repair…




Oh yeah, did I mention that during those 8 days we were without power in an early fall storm for 3 days! 


Alaska is an adventure!  We arrive in mild fall weather and leave in the first snowstorm of the year.  (To be honest fall had barely begun)


That’s Alaska!  That’s why we love it!

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Written by Dave on September 25th, 2004 - Recollections

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