The word is that Big Lake got its name from geologists, who after many years of government research grants and a myriad of studies, looked at a map and said, “Wow!  That’s a big lake, what should we call it?”  Of the 1000’s of lakes in Alaska this lake has the distinction of being named for it’s size.

It has several very small islands and most contain a house and dock. 


There is a plane, a boat or both docked in the summer months and in the winter a snow machine (snow mobile for those from the lower 48).  I can say that one winter there was a pickup truck docked at the dock.  An unexpected sight for sure.

The in-laws have all the toys that are worth having.  So here we are enjoying the lake and it’s connected-by-canal sister lakes.

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Written by Dave on June 19th, 2004 - Places

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