Securing a fishing charter in Alaska is one of many ways to explore the alaskan outdoors.  

Port Seward

 Our wonderful family treated us to a Halibut fishing charter in Seward, Alaska.  The trip did not disappoint.  Besides the wonderful family time in the motor home on the journey from Big Lake, Alaska to Seward, we made the most of the trip by geocaching along the way.  Well, we also stopped for what seems to be one of Alaska’s favorite desserts, ice cream.  There are as many ice cream kiosk’s alongside the highways as there are coffee shacks.

 We arrived in Seward, excited for our all-day charter scheduled to shove off first thing in the morning.  Our captain and first mate were top notch.

Headed out for halibut

 3 day fishing pass + halibut tags in hand each of us stepped onto the study charter and headed off shore.  Yours truly made sure to take an all day doze of Dramamine to ensure all would be right in the world.  

Our captain promised we’d limit out and to make good on this she first journeyed to her favored fishing stop where we were instructed how to fish off the bottom for our catch.  No luck in this off the charts location so by lunch she informed us that we’d be headed to the “sure thing.”  The fish would not be as large but this is where we all limit out.

The limit!

 She was worth her salt in fish.  Sure enough as we dropped our lines to the bottom and reeled them in the first mate had more than he could handle.  In short order all 8 of us had reached his (or her) limit.

First Mate at work

By the time we got to the dock the first mate had gutted every one of those fish and had them ready for us to take to the packing store.  Decisions, decisions.  To FedEx halibut home on ice or eat them as soon as we got to our secluded cabin near Houston, Alaska.


We ate very well.

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Written by Dave on June 26th, 2004 - Adventures

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