Little Susitna in Alaska

When in Alaska there’s not a lot else that breeds as much excitement as when salmon season opens.

Standing in the fishing platform

Our cabin in Big Lake, Alaska is situated in a central location in the Mat-Su valley when it comes to salmon fishing.

On this particular outing we decided on the banks of the Little Susitna river.  We travelled about 45 minutes to the Little Susitna River Public Use Facility campground and boat launch. As you can see from the photos there are several very nice fishing platforms a little downstream of the boat launch area.



Now seems like a good time to share my fish story.  I know you’ll say you heard this before – because it’s about the one that got away.  I stood on the platform and saw a very nice 20+ pounder just across the river.  After several casts to the area near the other bank, I decide to go down off the platform and wade into the very mild waters.  Not uncomfortable at all.

Fishing on the Little-Su on a sunny Alaskan summer

I spent the next 15 minutes trying to coax this fish that would surface and feed every few minutes.  Finally, convinced that he proceeded further up river I gave up my pursuit and prime fishing sport.

About this time two other fishermen came and stood in my exact spot.  One cast and it was a hit.  They fought and pulled MY FISH to the bank.   Within minutes they were off – as quickly as they arrived.

I KNOW they were watching me through the brush just waiting for the right moment to swoop in for the kill.

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Written by Dave on June 13th, 2007 - Adventures

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