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Girdwood/Bird Creek ATV Tour
The pictures offer a glimpse into one of the best kept secrets close to Anchorage. Because there are no road signs marking this trail most locals don`t even know about this area and travel many miles out of town searching for the same experience. We only take small groups into this area to keep it special.



We offer a 10am 3hr tour for $165.00ea. and a 2pm 3hr tour through the Northern reaches of the Pacific Costal Temperate Rainforest for $165.00ea. in the Bird Creek/Girdwood area just a few miles South of Anchorage.









The 3hr tours includes a hike down to a spectacular waterfall where Salmon come to spawn from mid-June through September. During this time we have very good luck seeing bears from the overlook. Two place ATV`s are also available for under-age kids and people wishing to just relax and enjoy the view.  Cost $120.00ea. for passengers.

This is an excellent way to access some of Alaska`s best backcountry and wildlife in a 1/2 day trip.

Check out the YouTube clip made in June 2010.

Visit the Alaska ATV Adventures website.

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