Hatcher Pass (3886 ft) is a mountain pass through the southwest part of the Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska. It is named after Robert Hatcher, a prospector and miner. The nearest incorporated communities are Palmer and Wasilla, approximately 12 miles to the south, and Willow, approximately 26 miles to the west.

The above description does not do justice to the views and sites at Hatcher Pass.  This is the site of the Independence Mine State Historical Park.

 There’s not only gold in them thar hills.  This was a site of a geocache.  Imagine finding treasure hidden on the site of an old gold mine!


After our young ladies retrieved their treasure we took in the sights at the state park.

There is a an informative museum, lots was walking tours and even a few buildings still in a state which allows one to enter and look around.

There’s nothing quite as interesting as walking in the footsteps of a day gone by.

Since this first trip, we have journeyed to Hacther Pass during the various seasons.  The views of the pass and the Mat-Su valley have never disappointed. 

This is a must see for all who journey to our vacation rental in Big Lake, Alaska.

We have never journeyed over the pass from Wasilla to Willow.  It is a drive we have begun on more than one occasion and one we will make some day.  This road is gravel, rough and pretty slow going at least for the 5 to 10 miles we have trekked over it.

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Written by Dave on June 21st, 2004 - Places

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